September 4, 2012

Peter Pan Bakery Has Best Donuts In New York

One of the recurrent themes of my blog (and my life!) is donuts. So this weekend, I was out in Greenpoint and finally got a chance to visit the Peter Pan Bakery, which I had heard a lot about (and had even mentioned here before) but never made the trek out.  I can honestly say that these are easily the best donuts in New York City....yes, even better than the my local fave The Donut Pub.

They are truly kicking it old school at Peter Pan and you know it the minute you walk in the door. It smells heavenly and kinda like the 70s. That is, it smells like the 70's at the old Montgomery Donuts I used to frequent as a kid. Peter Pan has been in operation for decades and has a great zig-zag counter with stools too which looks pretty retro too. But what sets Peter Pan apart from say The Pub is a) the sheer variety of donuts (I counted about 20) and b) just a fresher crisper old-time donutty taste.  A favorite was the Apple Crumb donut which had a healthy dose of cinnamon crumbs piled on top.  There was also the basic chocolate ring that was awesome and a white cream filled creation that was delicious.

I would be there ever day if it weren't roughly 3 trains away from me in the city. But that is probably a good thing too.  Too many donuts=Homer Simpson.

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