June 3, 2011

It's National Donut Day....OH YEAH!

Today is National Donut Day and to celebrate, Dunkin' Donuts has been doing at trivia contest on Twitter this afternoon.  I just sent in my reply to the question: what is the top selling donut in the US?  Chocolate frosted, chocolate glazed, or glazed. My answer--Glazed.  I found this one easy because whatever the rest of America likes, I usually don't like so with my personal fave being chocolate frosted, I'm sure the big ol' USA prefers bland glazed.  Not that I would turn down a glazed if offered....

Anyway, not to be outdone in celebrating this national semi-holiday, sugary rival Krispy Kreme is just giving them away. Literally. If you stop by your local KK today, you can get one free donut.  I would do this but I think the only outlet in Manhattan is up at Penn Station and I'm feeling a bit downtown today (i.e. at home and not going anywhere).  But maybe that $50 gift card will come through with Dukin'...that would be sweet!  LOLz