June 17, 2011

F-Word Kids Book Hits #1 On NYT Bestseller List

There is a very unusual book at the top of the NY TIMES bestseller list this Sunday; not only does it have the F word in it but, ostensibly, its a book by and about children.  "Go The Fuck To Sleep" is a storybook in rhynme which deals with every parent's greatest challenge of getting their kids to go to bed.  There is a story about the whole thing in today's Hollywood Reporter which, as an author, I found interesting in the unusual way the book made it from idea to bestseller in under a year.

It started out as an online gag on Facebook by author Adam Mansbach and then became a PDF that he started sending out to independent book retailers.  It was originally due out in October but when it shot to Number 1 on Amazon 7 months before it's pub date, they decided to move up the release.  They even did a  hilarious recording of the book in which none other than Samuel Jackson himself tells the little kiddies to "go the fuck to sleep".  You can listen to that below....