April 4, 2011

Some Random Late 80's Nostalgia Courtesy Of Lita Ford

A friend from Brooklyn emailed me today with a line explaining his Saturday night; "I went to a bar and got in a fight, I didn't get laid, uh-huh, it ain't no big thing."  The song he is paraphrasing is Lita Ford's kickass late 80's rocker, "Kiss Me Deadly".  Suddenly the song was in my head on a loop so I had to look up the YouTube video.  OMG--I had forgotten what a crazy ass video this was!  Lita, who got her start shredding for The Runaways, basically makes love to her electric guitar on the floor of an industrial factory wearing some skintight spandex and hair that is blown out so much it looks like a tribal headdress.  Here's the clip below if you want to relieve your days of big hair and 80's dancing.