January 29, 2013

Steven Soderberg Lets It Fly In NEW YORK Magazine

There's a long and discursive interview with one of my favorite contemporary directors Steven Soderbergh in this week's NEW YORK magazine. He talks about his well-publicized "retirement" from feature filmmaking and how the system of Hollywood features is broken....and, more specifically, how directors are treated so poorly. (Agreed!)  His next project, a Liberace biopic, is going to HBO starring Matt Damon, with Michael Douglas as the piano man. And they apparently really got into their big gay scenes too!

It's a very entertaining interview as the outspoken Soderberg goes on about many topics beyond filmmaking. Soderberg is a very modern Renaissance man and talks about his interest in painting and making collages with US magazine(!) as well as a new sidebar, importing a special kind of liquor from Bolivia. In assessing his eclectic film career, he says the one movie of his he wouldn't change is OUT OF SIGHT. I would have to agree with that as it's one sharp and sexy movie....with J. Lo's most decent performance to date. Worth adding to your Netflix if you missed it the first time around.