March 12, 2013

Someone Made A Music Video Of My Film WTC VIEW

If you happen to make a movie, these days it can often end up on YouTube with "tribute" videos where people clip their favorite scenes together with a song they like. It helps if you have cute boys in your films too as people have done some videos of my films POOL DAYS and I THINK I DO (now removed by the distributor) featuring cute guys smiling or shirtless. I never thought my post-9/11 drama WTC VIEW would get this sort of treatment. But I was wrong.

Trusty Google Alerts led me to this video with a song about a window as the soundtrack. The song, by a group called Double O Zero, is catchy and appropriate given that the window of Eric's apartment is a central focal point of the film (due to its former view of the World Trade Center).  It's nicely edited by a "Alex O'Dogherty" who has done a bunch of these and features all of my film's smiling and shirtlessness, of course. I often tell people that WTC VIEW is not the film about 9/11 they may expect and this video definitely proves that point!

It almost reminds me of those music videos popular in the 80's where a band would play a song from a big Hollywood movie on a soundstage that would be intercut with scenes from the movie (see ST. ELMO'S FIRE). Except here, there is no band which is too bad. I'm curious to know more about this group and the somewhat mysterious person who put this all together.