September 17, 2010

A Subway Archeology Find at 57th Street Station

Over at Second Avenue Sagas, I found this picture of a subway map that was recently "unearthed" that dates from the early 1970's.  It's the famous Vignelli map of the system which created a beautifully geometric version of the complicated NYC subway which is now considered a design classic. Unfortunately, it was also considered a pain in the ass by many New Yorkers and tourists who found the disconnect between the city and the map too much to take.  It was gone by 1979.

However, Vignelli's map lingers on in the hearts of subway history buffs and design fanatics.  And in the the F station at 57th Street.  This is one of the least popular stations in the system, ranked 105th for the number of passengers.  That's probably how this map has been able to survive for some 30 plus years.  So see it now...before it's history once again.