March 17, 2009

William Shakespeare & Williamsburg

It's official....after 400-some years, we now know that this is what William Shakespeare really looked like. And you know what? He doesn't look that bad. Certainly a lot cuter than that pic in my high school English text book which basically had him looking like my high school English teacher. Yeek!

But seriously, the thing that struck me the most was that, confirming all those rumors, Shakespeare looks kinda gay. Maybe some of that is because he is sporting the classic look of the Williamsburg hipster homosexual. If you remove the frilliness of ole England and just consider the face, the guy's a total mod Mary. Check it out; he is ridiculously pale, he has a huge geeky forehead, and, most importantly, he is sporting some trendy facial hair.

I mean really....I think I saw this guy at Sugarland last Saturday, wearing a skinny tie & dancing his ass off to "If You Seek Amy". Maybe that's why they call it Wiliams-burg?