October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween From Randy Rainbow & Beau Arthur

A rare double-posting for Halloween but this video was too good to wait until tomorrow.  Randy Rainbow is up to his old tricks again with accompaniment by Beau Arthur and special guest phone calls from Pat Robertson.  It's good scary fun!

"Party Rock Anthem" Rocks Halloween House In California

With five million hits and counting, this viral video has become a Halloween sensation over the last week.  A man in Riverside, CA who does up his house with a crazy lights/disco combo for major holidays picked LMFAO's song of the moment, "Party Rock Anthem" to do a Halloween themed light show.  It's so good that it's not only stopping traffic in front of his house but also driving traffic like crazy to YouTube.

What's also amazing is how unassuming the creator of all this is.  Kevin Judd, 39, who works as a technician for Verizon, said he didn't particularly like the song but his kids did, making him officially the coolest dad of the year.  It is a pretty impressive display for a guy who calls himself a "hobbyist".  And it's certainly rockin' the web  this Halloween.