April 29, 2009

Hello Dolly

Dolly Parton has been in New York for the last few weeks as she preps her Broadway musical "9 To 5", opening tomorrow night at the Marriot Marquis Theatre. The current issue of The New Yorker has a funny, little Talk of the Town piece in which Dolly discusses her first visit to NYC on a high school class trip in '64 and then a subsequent visit in '70. And here's Dolly in her own inimitable words:

“We came here and we stayed down on, what is it, Forty-second Street, where all the whores run?”
Classic. She was also on David Letterman last night singing "Backwoods Barbie" and doing a Top Ten list of her pet peeves. Hilarious. I just love this woman! But, then again, who the hell doesn't?