June 10, 2009

Tron 2: Coming Not As Soon As I'd Prefer

After recently writing about plans for "Ghostbusters 3" (20 years after GB2), a friend alerted me to the production "Tron 2.0". It's currently being shot in Vancouver in Sony Digital 3D with a budget that was initially rumored at $300 million (!) until Disney released a statement saying "it was nowhere near that". Meaning it's what...only $150 million?

Anyway, for those who remember the original "Tron", it was Disney's most expensive film to date back in 1982....even more than the megabomb "The Black Hole" (which lived up to it's name). The original Tron was no blockbuster but it did decent business on its release and has developed a loyal techie-cult following for it's odd neon-colored depiction of the inner workings of a CPU. Geek heaven, right?

There is mucho secrecy surrounding the new Tron, with very little info on plot or pictures or even trailers.
What is known is that two original cast members, Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner are returning. Last summer, Disney screened a sneak preview/trailer at Comic Con in San Diego and the crowd went totally berserkers. You can hear them in the bootleg copy of that screening below. It's curious why Disney has not posted this online themselves but my guess is that they want to build some serious anticipay-yay-shun, making the fanboys wait. And it's gonna be a long wait at that--IMDB has it scheduled for release in 2011. Sigh.