July 15, 2010

Construction At Ground Zero Uncovers Old Ship

I recently posted about the flurry of construction activity happening at the site of the former and future World Trade Center.  On Tuesday, workers digging 30 feet below street level hit some pieces of wood that were perfectly lined up with each other.  Archeologists rushed to the site and started excavating the remnants of what is an apparently an old ship dating from the 18th century.  The picture was taken by Fred Conrad of the New York Times and you can see a bunch more on the Times' City Blog, which reported the discovery today.  

It was found in an area between Cedar & Liberty Streets, which was not excavated in the '60's for the original Trade Center.  What is most fascinating about this is that archeologists are truly in a hurry because the wood of the ship is so old it will start to deteriorate immediately when exposed to sunlight.  Also, construction at the site has not stopped around them. The new WTC is famously behind schedule so there will be no slow down, even for this historical find.