September 17, 2009

Kickin' It Old School With "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"

When I was flying Virgin America recently, I checked out their in-flight RED entertainment system. They had a channel for, one of the first and foremost sites for pop culture junkies like myself which always showcases interesting geeky stuff. Yesterday, they posted a real motherlode.

Some genius editor has stitched together a fake trailer of "Raiders" circa 1951....starring Charlton Heston. All the real film nerds out there will know that "Raiders" is said to be an uncredited remake of the 1954 flick "
Secret of the Incas", with Heston sporting the same fedora, pants and even half-shave as Harrison. Though there is a lot of "Secret" in this trailer, the crafty editor also used about 10 other films too, all referenced on his YouTube page. Check your movie knowledge and see how many you can name.