May 15, 2009

My Cover Story

Fellow YA writer Melissa C. Walker has an author blog in which she features the stories behind the covers of books by fellow teen novelists.

This week, she picked my first novel A REALLY NICE PROM MESS for the "Cover Story" treatment. And it's a good one; it's the true behind the scenes story of how my book cover got semi-censored by Barnes & Noble. No--not for anything gay about it. Just too much boobage! Seriously.

You can read the full
story here. And if you want to read the book, it's now in paperback from Simon & Schuster for only $9 bucks. As I say in the interview, the book is not your average prom story as it involves a bisexual drug dealer, a deaf stripper, a gay football player and a large contingent of the DC police force.