February 13, 2013

Newark's Subway Stars in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

The Newark what? you might ask. Not many people know that Newark has it's own subway. Though with only 3 stations underground and a scant 20 minutes from one end of the line to the other, it's not exactly the A train.  But still is was subway-ish enough to get a small starring role in the most recent Batman blockbuster THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

There's an article about the subway and its' recent claim to fame in the NJ.COM website this week.  Initially, the plan was to shoot Pittsburgh's subway as an NYC double but then director Chris Nolan  saw scouting shots of Newark's system and thought it looked more authentically "Gotham" (as it shares similar white tile walls as the MTA). So the production came in for 2 days in 2011, changed all the signage, and turned underground Newark into a star. At least for a day. It's the scene where Batman meets Anne Hathway underground if you want to check it out on the DVD.