February 1, 2013

Well Gollll-eeeee, GOMER PYLE Star Jim Nabors Marries His Partner

So it's not exactly news that Jim Nabors, the star of GOMER PYLE, is gay. I mean, I think I figured that one out when I was 10 and had it confirmed a couple years later when was in those ads for his records where he sang opera arias. Hello. Anyway, the cool part that is news is that Jim Nabors, a sprightly 82, just got hitched this week to his partner of 38 years in the state of Washington, where marriage equality passed last year on the ballot.

Nabors had never publicly discussed his being gay and that's his choice. But this week, Towleroad reported that he did do a short interview with a Hawaiian TV station (Nabors lives in the 50th state) and released the below photo taken after his big gay wedding. I think it's wonderful that he not only did he he get married but was he willing to talk about it to the media too. And also he said that he was never ashamed about being gay, was open about it to all his friends and co-workers and never "made a public spectacle of it."  I wonder if he was inspired by Ms. Foster's similar situation and announcement at the Globes?

Anyway, what's truly wonderful is that he's been in a committed relationship for nearly 40 years. God bless you Jim Nabors....and I wish you a long, happy married life.