October 14, 2009

Cake Wrecks

As some of you know, my sweet tooth does not only apply to donuts. I enjoy cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies....basically any sort of baked good with chocolate somewhere in the mix.

I sometimes check in on
the blog Cake Wrecks, which specializes in disasterously decorated professionally made cakes. Now there is a Cake Wrecks book out with some hilarious pictures of various cake mishaps. Spelling mistakes are very common, of course, as is writing "nothing" and "leave space blank" when the decorator was told to write nothing. Classic. However, even though they are made of sugar, some of these cakes would even give me pause to actually eat them: a current trend has pregnant bellies with feet poking out of them made for baby showers!

Today's TIMES features an
article about all these crazy cakes and the woman behind the blog, Jen Yates, as well as a great slide show of various cakey-disasters she's discovered over the years. I loved these pics because not only does all that icing make me hungry, it also makes me laugh. That's certainly a sweet combo to get the day started right.