January 24, 2011

EW Puts Kurt And His Crush On The Cover

Kudos to EW for putting GLEE's Chris Colfer and Darren Criss on the cover of this weeks issue. It's a totally adorakable pic....and a pretty good story to go with it as well.  EW's piece talks about the history of gay teens on TV and how suddenly they are popping up everywhere, most prominently on GLEE.

Now, I know that GLEE may not be a perfect show but it is easily the most unusual and groundbreaking TV show in years, especially in terms of its portrayal of gay teens.  It's actually pretty astounding to see how  Colfer's "Kurt" has become the heart and soul of this show. It seems lately that GLEE works best when it focuses on Kurt's storyline, with one of the best episodes of the season being Kurt's introduction to the all-boy school, the amazing singing of Blaine and The Warblers.

After the two of them did a sweet duet of "Baby It's Cold Outside" on the Xmas episode, fans of the show are clamoring for a real gay bromance. Could Kurt and Blaine become the new Ross and Rachel?  There are many hints that things are going that way, especially in an interview Colfer gives on the set of their photo shoot.  Only time, and new episodes of season 2, will tell....