June 8, 2009

Land of The Lost Actor Comes Out

No--not Will Ferrell.  Please.  I am not even going to discuss that movie, which looks like its only relation to the TV show is the title.  I'm talking about the original 70's LOTL and the sexy, David Cassidy-esque "Will" of Marshall, Will and Holly.  On a routine expedition.  Who met the greatest earthquake ever knooooown!

The actor is Wesley Eure and he not only played Will for three seasons but he also sang that song too! He recently gave a lengthy and fascinating interview to fellow author Brent Hartinger on AfterElton with all sorts of details about his life in and out of the closet.  He talks about being a teen idol, dating Richard Chamberlain (!) and mentions his current partner, the surname-less Richard who apparently played for the NY Yankees.  A gay Yankee?  I think we need to know more about this...