April 24, 2009

Warmer Weather & Cheaper Cars

With temps heading into the 80's this weekend, it's time to start thinking about getting out of the city. The problem for New Yorkers has always been how since the majority of us don't have cars. ZipCar started offering their services here a few years ago but it's pretty expensive, at $15 an hour and close to $100 per day.
So I was thrilled to hear about a new car rental service where the rates are $2 an hour! It's called MINT and like ZipCar, you pay a membership fee up front and then pay as you go. The only real catch is the super cheap rate is for daytime rentals and, after you hit 180 miles, you have to start paying per mile. But for errands and trips to the beach, this sounds like a great deal. Also, MINT has SmartCarswhich are not only cute but easy to park in the city, that's for sure.
Anyone having any experience with MINT? I'd like to hear more. Thanks and have a great summery weekend!