April 17, 2009

Tomorrow is Record Store Day!

Saturday April 18th is Record Store Day. Yes, Record Stores have become so scare that they now need their own day...kinda like Earth Day for vinyl. At participating stores, you can go in tomorrow and get some good deals on LPs for one day only.

Now I thought you could get pretty good deals on LPs any day because, you know, they are not exactly the most popular way to listen to music these days.
One of the greatest record stores in the world (and I can say that because literally people from all over the world shop there--I've seen it!) is right in my neighborhood; Bleecker Bobs, which for some reason is actually on 3rd Street. Anyway, I will probably stop by there tomorrow and see what deals I can get.

Lately, I've been buying old LPs but not for listening, but for decorating. They really make great wall art....so far I have about 6 of my all-time favorites albums of my youth (Grease, Dolly, The Partridge Family) lining the main hallway in my apartment. Urban Outfitters sells these great album frames -- 2 for $20 bucks. Take that plus some cheap LPs and, voila, you have some instant interior decoration. So go to your favorite record store (if it's still there) and pick up some cheap-ass albums this weekend. No deals on turntables though...unless there is a Natinoal Turntable Day? Sorry--Google says "no".