May 17, 2013

The Shuttle From USS Enterprise Has Landed In Jersey

As Mr. Spock might say, "Fascinating." I found this old story from back in February on the New Yorker's website today when looking for Anthony Lane's review of the latest Trek adventure (in which the shuttle's play quite a major role in a number of action sequences). Lane by the way did not approve of the new film. I, however, loved it!

Anyway, it turns out that a shipbuilder/restorer in Atlantic Highlands bought the actual shuttle set piece used in the original STAR TREK TV show on eBay for 70K last summer.Now he is gently and lovingly restoring it in hopes of donating it to a science museum at some point in the future. He has a ways to go as it was in crap condition. But it's sorta wild that he would devote so much time and energy to this task as essentially an act of charity. May this dude Live Long and Prosper!