January 15, 2013

Victor Garber Is Out And Has A Hot Boyfriend

So in the wake of Jodie Foster's sorta coming out, there are stories all over the Internets today that Victor Garber (who stars in awards-fave ARGO) is out.  Actually, his outing officially happened last week and was a bit more low key than Fosters with 20 million people watching.  Garber was asked by Greg Hernandez (of Greg in Hollywood) to confirm what Wikipedia said, that he lived with his partner of 14 years. Garber was surprised to be asked but said it was true and that it was sort of common knowledge.

It's true that in NYC theatre/film circles, it was common knowledge. But this was the first time Garber had spoken about it publicly. It's funny that these things should matter at all but the fact is they do.  If we can hear every single detail about straight couples breaking up and getting together (Hello Taylor Swift!) then why not some details about their gay counterparts, especially when they are in a committed relationship.  And when the boyfriend in question, Rainer Anderseen is super hot...well, that's just a bonus.