June 21, 2010

"Nightmare On Elm Street 2" Comes Out of the Closet...Finally

For years, I have been telling anyone and everyone who would listen that the hottest gay studio flick of the 1980's was "Nightmare On Elm Street 2".  Forget all the hype about "Top Gun". Compared to this unlikely gem, Tom and Val only talk a good game. "Nightmare" totally goes all the way: lots of bare asses, S/M in the locker room, and even a full-fledged scene in a gay bar (with New Line co-founder Bob Shaye in a memorable role as a leathery bartender).  

I remember this movie being on cable when I was in college and, everytime it came on, I was riveted to the screen by what I saw.  I remember thinking is anyone else getting all this crazy gayness?!  I couldn't believe this was on TV...then again, it was HBO.  Meanwhile, my roommates were all, "uh...why are you watching that movie for the 10th time?" :)

There is now a comprehensive documentary which tells the history of the "Nightmare" franchise, including an official "outing" of the second installment.  It's called "Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy".  In an 8-minute excerpt posted on YouTube this weekend, the director of the sequel and New Line executives all claim they were clueless about the gay subtext which is actually more like super text.  But the screenwriter, the production designer and the lead actor, Mark Patton were all Mary's and knew exactly what they were doing.

There are some great stories and quotes in this preview and, if you're intrigued to learn more and Freddy and his special friends, you can order the full 2-disc DVD.  But I would encourage you to just rent or Netflix the original movie.  It's a totally campy and weirdly sexy horror treat.  And there is some off-the-hook bad 80's fashion too.