March 20, 2013

Phil Collins w/Hair And Other Then/Now Rock Stars

I'm not a Pinterest person. I still don't really understand what it is. But I did find this random board recently called "Rock Stars Then and Now" which is quite entertaining. That's where this lovely photo of a very young and fully-haired Phil Collins resides, circa 1971. He almost looks like a prettier John Lennon!  Who knew Phil so was so flowy back in the day.

It's interesting looking at how some rock stars have aged better than others. The ladies do pretty good, with Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett all looking quite respectable...and quite like themselves. The men are a bit more train wrecky. Maybe it's just harder to be a male rockstar then a a female one ie. sex, drugs, et al. But Jon Bon Jovi is looking pretty damn good so it's not impossible.