July 13, 2009

Does Anyone Remember "Blansky's Beauties"?

While watching a "Rhoda" marathon on DVD over the weekend, a lively discussion about TV spin-offs ensued. Rhoda was a character from the "Mary Tyler Moore" show, the neighbor who was so quirky she got her own quirky show. Remember Carlton the Doorman? I mentioned that "Happy Days", which itself was a spin-off from a "Love American Style" segment, holds the world record for most spin-offs with 7. My friend found this hard to believe until I started listing them ("Laverene & Shirley", "Mork & Miny", "Joanie Loves Chaci"). When I got to one of the less successful ones, "Blansky's Beauties", it sounded to my friend like I was making shit up. Unfortunately, I was not.

BB was all about a cousin of Mr. Cunningham, Nancy Blanksy played by Nancy Walker, who happened to be den mother to a bunch of showgirls in Vegas. With scantily clad young ladies and lots of dance numbers, it was part of ABC's "jiggle TV" initiative that sorta put the network on the map ratings-wise, starting with "Charlies Angels". But I remember the show vividly less for the jiggle and more because I love dance numbers! :) Anyway, I found a clip of the show's opening which is 70's classic; cheesy song, freeze-frames and all.