April 16, 2009

Our Hit Parade

Last night, I went to Joe's Pub to check out the newish variety show, Our Hit Parade. Every month, Kenny Mellman and Neil Medlyn put together a diverse group of downtown denizens who create their own unique interpretations of "the top 10 songs in America" (as Neil kept saying). I say interpretations and not covers because some of the performers didn't even sing. The inventive and adorkably cute Varsity Interpretative Dance Squad (VIDS) created some on-the-spot choreography which the audience was encouraged to participate in. There was Jenn Harris' a spoken-wail reading of the lyrics from Pink's SOBER. And finally, half-naked host Neil Medlyn flinging his thing about to the beat of some disco/pop inanity. No...this was definitely not your mother's Hit Parade.

Oh--and there was some actual singing too. Powerhouse peformanatrix Bridget Everett made Kelly Pickler's syrupy ballad actually sound intense and, most notably, there was a wonderful interpretation of T-Pain's ditty about date rape by the Lady Rizo. She was fantastic! She has her own show coming up this weekend at the Hi-Line Ballroom which I might check out too, Lady Rizo And The Assettes. Doesn't that sound fun?!

The next Hit Parade is May 20th at Joe's Pub. Mark your calendar as this show has some serious bang for your 20 bucks.