March 25, 2009

The Soundtrack Of Our Youth

I'm probably being a tad presumptuous with that headline, which assumes that everyone reading my blog spent the majority of their wasted youth in 1980's. If, in fact, you did, I can guarantee you will love this link to a site where you can listen to audio playback of 80's video games sound effects.

Some industrious geeks in Falmouth, Mass. spent endless nights at their local arcade (Time Out?) not only playing but recording all the action on cassette tapes. What's even better than the sound efx is all the random background chatter; "how do you learn how to die?" was my personal favorite during a game of Berzerk.

As you listen, the memories will flood back...not just of the gaming hits like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong, but also gems like
Q-Bert, Dig-Dug and yes, even Rootbeer Tapper. (Anyone who played and loved this game is my new best friend!) So listen and, if you become obsessed, you can even purchase a DVD for hours of home listening pleasure for only 20$. And that is a nostalgia bargain!