April 3, 2009

Dick Flick

We've all heard of Chick Flicks. Well today, a classic example of a Dick Flick is out; the fourth of the Fast/Furious series, cleverly titled "Fast & Furious". Actually, I thought that was the title of the first one but apparently that was "The Fast & The Furious". Hmmmm...this could be confusing to future film historians, don't u think? :)

Anyway, much to the surprise of some people, I actually enjoy a good Dick Flick. They have a lot of things I like in my mindless entertainment....crazy car chases, rockin' musical montages, hot tough guys, vintage muscle cars and very large explosions. The NY TIMES' Nathan Lee doesn't enjoy them quite so much. Mr. Lee's review, however, did have one clever line describing this car wreck (whoa!) of a movie: "This inoffensive if uninspired example of presummer pop diversion will be best appreciated by future audiences flabbergasted by its unabashed revelry in fossil-fuel consumption." Nice.

The big news for FF4 is that Paul Walker and above-pictured Vin Diesel are back for the first time since the original, along with semi-lesbian mess Michelle Rodriguez. So with all that potential mano a mano and maybe even some girl-on-girl action, not to mention all those car chases, I will be there for opening night. Vroom vroom.....