June 25, 2013

Remembering 1990 In Under 12 Minutes

I saw this online last week--a mix/mashup/clipfest of all the pop cultural moments from 1990. Who knew there were so many?! First off, there were some serious jams that year that have proven to be enduring (see Dee-Lite!). And I have to say I was almost surprised about how many now classic films there were from that year which didn't seem that cinematically great at the time. Of course, compared to what's at the multiplex today....don't get me started. ;) Anyway, this is a fun little time machine video that will take you back. Way back. Enjoy!

June 21, 2013

THE WAY I SEE THINGS Now On Amazon Prime And Epix

A film that I executive produced a few years ago is now available to see on Amazon Prime and Epix. It was originally due to go on Netflix but then Epix and Netflix split, thus the delay...and the new venues. And it's free on Amazon Prime if you're a member!

THE WAY I SEE THINGS is an intimate first feature by writer/director Brian Pera who also managed the hat trick of starring in the film itself. He gives a wonderful performance as a man living in the South who goes on a road trip while dealing with the anniversary of a deep personal loss and finds himself in an ashram where he meets some odd new people who help him.

The film is beautifully shot by another first-timer, director of photography Ryan Parker and it was all done on location in Memphis and Hardy, Arkansas, featuring some lovely, lush landscapes. The film originally hit the festival circuit back in 2008, premiering at Outfest in LA and playing about 15 festivals where it got some great notices, particularly in VARIETY: "As actor and director, Pera's extremely quiet and subdued, sensitive….with Parker's superb lensing in both black-and-white and color. Quirky underscore by Harlan T. Bobo is right in line with this saga of self. This is a film that marches to its own drummer."

That's a spot-on assessment as this is a non-traditional narrative but one that is told with real heart and emotion. If you're looking for something different in a superhero/apocalyptic filled summer at the multiplex, this could be the cinematic antidote you need. Thanks for checking it out and supporting independent films.

June 7, 2013

Rejoice--It's National Donut Day 2013

As I've posted on here a few times before, I like donuts. It's true. So since today is officially National Donut Day, it's like a national holiday for me. You can celebrate, as I did this morning, by going to Dunkin Donuts and actually getting a free donut (w/purchase of a small beverage). Not a bad deal and a great way to promote the awesomeness of donuts. And they're not the only donut specialist celebrating this momentous occasion.

Yesterday, while walking down 23rd street, there was a commotion in front of the Flatiron Building. A large blue and white food truck was parked with a mob around it. It turns out Entenmann's was giving out free donuts to anyone walking past. Fortunately, I had two Trade Joe's shopping bags and, from two different Entenmann's folks, got two donuts dropped in each bag. Score!

So when I got this reminder from them about National Donut Day, I was under the mistaken belief that it was actually on the 6th. (Donut Day varies as its the first friday of June. Like Ash Wednesday but sweeter!) So I then stopped by The Donut Pub on 14th to see if they had a special but when I asked the counter guy told me it Donut Day was Friday.  Ah well...since I was already there, I had to get something anyway (one chocolate sprinkle, one vanilla creme). So this year my Donut Day has turned into a Donut double day! Yeah--I'm not complaining.

June 4, 2013

Goodbye, WTC View....Hello, Astoria

First, my apologies as writing on the blog here has been spotty lately. But the reason is that I've been busy working on a major life transition. After weeks of planning and packing, today is my last day in my apartment in Greenwich Village. An opportunity came up to have a place of my own in Queens so I am heading out of Manhattan and losing my "WTC View", featured in both the play and film I wrote of the same name. 

However, to be honest, I actually lost that view on 9/11...the new World Trade Center cannot be seen from my bedroom window like the last one could, as its location is now slightly to the west of where the old twin towers were. I can see One WTC though, when I leave my apartment directly at the end of Sullivan Street (here's a pic I took yesterday). I was skeptical about the new tower at first but have to admit that it now looks amazing. And, fittingly enough, they topped it out a couple weeks ago and just finished the facade work last week. So, as I leave my apartment, it's complete...at least on the exterior.  

I am making the move from the Village to Astoria, where I have a new place that has more space and even a backyard. It will be a big change after all these years in the Village. I moved here in 1989 to attend NYU film school and lived in 3 different apartments all within a roughly 4 block radius of each other. So I've been in the hood more than 23 years! But I'm excited for my new neighborhood and my new borough too. I'm now only a few blocks from the famed Kaufman Astoria studio (one of the first film backlots of the silent era), which is now home to lots of film/TV production (including SESAME STREET!). It also houses the Museum of the Moving Image, which has a wonderful cinema and repertory schedule which I look forward to checking out.

For those who want to contact me, my email and phone remains the same (though no more landline,  not that anyone would notice!).  The address has changed so if you have any housewarming gifts (!) or Christmas letters, drop me an email and I'll send the details. And I'm a 15 minute subway ride from midtown so visiting is easy. Anyway, the NYC adventure continues as I move on up, to the far east side ;) Thanks for the memories, Manhattan!