June 7, 2013

Rejoice--It's National Donut Day 2013

As I've posted on here a few times before, I like donuts. It's true. So since today is officially National Donut Day, it's like a national holiday for me. You can celebrate, as I did this morning, by going to Dunkin Donuts and actually getting a free donut (w/purchase of a small beverage). Not a bad deal and a great way to promote the awesomeness of donuts. And they're not the only donut specialist celebrating this momentous occasion.

Yesterday, while walking down 23rd street, there was a commotion in front of the Flatiron Building. A large blue and white food truck was parked with a mob around it. It turns out Entenmann's was giving out free donuts to anyone walking past. Fortunately, I had two Trade Joe's shopping bags and, from two different Entenmann's folks, got two donuts dropped in each bag. Score!

So when I got this reminder from them about National Donut Day, I was under the mistaken belief that it was actually on the 6th. (Donut Day varies as its the first friday of June. Like Ash Wednesday but sweeter!) So I then stopped by The Donut Pub on 14th to see if they had a special but when I asked the counter guy told me it Donut Day was Friday.  Ah well...since I was already there, I had to get something anyway (one chocolate sprinkle, one vanilla creme). So this year my Donut Day has turned into a Donut double day! Yeah--I'm not complaining.

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  1. Stop torturing us former East Coasters that cannot go to DD because they stupidly have not opened any stores in Downtown SF. There is one at SFO, but it is on the other side of the security line and one in a VERY bad part of San Jose, 55 mils away. So I am happy for you, but unless you are going to overnight me a dozen honey dipped, sugar and jelly donuts, then respectfully, BE QUIET!!!