June 21, 2013

THE WAY I SEE THINGS Now On Amazon Prime And Epix

A film that I executive produced a few years ago is now available to see on Amazon Prime and Epix. It was originally due to go on Netflix but then Epix and Netflix split, thus the delay...and the new venues. And it's free on Amazon Prime if you're a member!

THE WAY I SEE THINGS is an intimate first feature by writer/director Brian Pera who also managed the hat trick of starring in the film itself. He gives a wonderful performance as a man living in the South who goes on a road trip while dealing with the anniversary of a deep personal loss and finds himself in an ashram where he meets some odd new people who help him.

The film is beautifully shot by another first-timer, director of photography Ryan Parker and it was all done on location in Memphis and Hardy, Arkansas, featuring some lovely, lush landscapes. The film originally hit the festival circuit back in 2008, premiering at Outfest in LA and playing about 15 festivals where it got some great notices, particularly in VARIETY: "As actor and director, Pera's extremely quiet and subdued, sensitive….with Parker's superb lensing in both black-and-white and color. Quirky underscore by Harlan T. Bobo is right in line with this saga of self. This is a film that marches to its own drummer."

That's a spot-on assessment as this is a non-traditional narrative but one that is told with real heart and emotion. If you're looking for something different in a superhero/apocalyptic filled summer at the multiplex, this could be the cinematic antidote you need. Thanks for checking it out and supporting independent films.

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