July 31, 2009

Mad About The "Mad Men"

I'm still tearing through Season 2 of MAD MEN on DVD and loving every booze soaked, cigarette smoke filled minute of it. In fact, I'm so into the world of MAD MEN that I MAD MEN-ed myself today. Yep, that's me above, circa 1962, heading into my copy writing job at Sterling & Cooper with my morning doughnut, of course. I think I really got my hair just right too, though it took more than a dab of Brylcreme. Behind me is Joan in one her classic bombshell dresses, either waving hello or giving me a sassy WTF look regarding my casual Friday attire which is about 3 decades too early. God, I love Joan...especially when she gets all bitchy!

Anyway, you can create your own MAD MEN avatar online at
www.madmenyourself.com. I think it's the perfect way to waste some time and/or procrastinate on a summer Friday morning. Hey--it worked for me!