March 6, 2013

The Original BUCK ROGERS Theme Song Had Lyrics

One of my favorites TV shows from way back is BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CENTURY. Starring the 70s-sexy Gil Gerard, it was a reboot of a character that had been around in comic books and serials since the 1920s. It ended up on TV as part of the post-STAR WARS push for scifi shows on the major broadcast networks. BUCK was late to the party arriving in the fall of 1979 and lasted only two seasons.

I always amaze people when I tell them the TV series theme song actually had lyrice (sorta the way I LOVE LUCY had lyrics). BUCK's pilot was originally released as a theatrical film in March of 1979 (which I saw when it came out!) and they had an elaborate Bond-esque sequence of Gerard floating around in space with co-star Erin Gray and other buxom space babes. It's a totally cheesy 70s rock pop love song about being frozen in suspended animation while traveling in a 500 year long orbit!