April 21, 2010

South Park's 200th Episode

The boys of "South Park", Matt Stone and Trey Parker (pictured l-r), have been at it now for 13 years, if you can believe it. Their animated show hit the cable airwaves in 1998 and has been offending people ever since.  And last week they aired their 200th episode, one in which they brought back all the people they offended so that they could file a class action lawsuit against the town of South Park.  Genius.  

There's a great interview with both Trey and Matt in the Times ArtsBeat blog today, as they go over topics as far ranging as Muslims and Carlos Mencia (who they recently took on in a new episode). They also discuss their upcoming Broadway show, "Book of Mormon: The Musical" which I saw in a workshop production last summer and loved.  If the Mormon Church was annoyed at them before, they're really gonna be ticked off next year when this show hits Broadway. Which is exactly their plan, I'm sure.  :)