December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas From Randy Rainbow and Mel

Randy Rainbow does it again!  He's put together yet another hilarious video of him chatting on the phone with his boyfriend Mel Gibson.  And this time there's even a musical number too.  Who knew Mel was a song and dance man?

These videos consistently crack me up and not just because of Mel's now all too familiar NSFW rants.  The real star is Randy who is a comic genius.  My only question now is when does The Randy Rainbow show come to TV.  This would be such a perfect fit for LOGO!

Pledge & Win At Hi-Fi Bri This Week

My first annual "Pledge Week" ends tomorrow.  As I like to say, the internet (and my blog) only look free!  :)

Anyway, there are still some fabulous prizes left if you feel like dropping a little donation to keep this going.  You can donate here using the DONATE button on the right, which links directly to PayPal.  Any amount is greatly appreciated but for larger donations there still are some incentives left:  15$ gets you a signed book, $25, a signed DVD, and $35 a big-ass signed blowup poster of one of my book covers (people particularly like the two guys on TALE OF TWO SUMMERS). Also, TALE is now available as an eBook downloadable to the iPhone, iPad, Kindle and other mobile reading platforms.  And it's only $12 bucks!

Anyway, thanks for all your support.....I really appreciate it during these tough times.  It's hard out there for a pimp....uh, um, I mean writer.  :)  And keep on reading/enjoying Hi-Fi Bri!