April 30, 2009

Cupcake of the Week

For years, I've been a devoted fan of Magnolia and, more recently, Billy's Bakery and their delicious cupcakes. But since those places have become somewhat oversubscribed recently, I've been searching for a new cupcake joint.
Tonnie's Mini Cupcakes is in a storefront that I'd often passed while walking to the subway at West 4th Street. It's in a shared space on 3rd with that weird cheesteak place that always made me think, well, maybe they're not such great cupcakes if they don't have their own store.
Well, recently Tonnie's expanded to their own store on Macdougal between 3rd and Bleecker (pictured above). So I stopped in and picked up a chocolate w/vanilla icing. What was interesting was that they put the icing on after I ordered it making it super-fresh. And the cupcake itself was extraordinary. And a whole lot moister (as they used to say in those Duncan Hines ads) than Magnolia or Billy's.
So if you have a sweet tooth and are looking for a Village fix, stop by Tonnie's for a treat. I give it my highest, sugary seal of approval.