August 27, 2012

WNBC's Ben Aaron Is Kinda Cute

I had not come across any "Kinda Cute" candidates in a while. In fact, I was losing hope for this increasingly rare feature here on Hi-Fi Bri. Then, I was watching something called LXTV on NBC over the weekend when they had this handsome young man doing a story about an exercise convention.  And you know what? This Ben Aaron is Kinda Cute!

Ben is a feature correspondent for NBC, usually seen on the 5pm faux news show they now do which is lifestyle/ entertainment fluff. But Ben delivers the fluff in an amusing, sorta wacky way which makes it somewhat more watchable. That's for sure!  As to whose team he actually plays for, I found a lively debate as to whether he is gay or straight, possibly fueled by his "dance walking" segment below.  There is no official word on this topic from Ben either way so I'll let you be the judge on that one.

After doing some Googlin', I found a Huffinton Post QA he did with more details on this goofy and charming up n comer. I found out that Ben is an Emerson graduate who is actually a radio man at heart.  As I used to do radio, this was exciting news to find out that we have so much in common! ;)  A phrase I often heard in my radio days was "that guy has a face for radio", referencing the sometimes not so cute folks behind the mic (ie. Rush Limbaugh). Well, Ben clearly did not have a face for radio and got on TV in Phoenix and then LA and now is hitting the big time at WNBC in New York.  I look forward to seeing more of him as I'm sure his own talk show is not far away.