September 16, 2010

The Losers Of America's Got Talent

NBC's variety show America's Got Talent announced "America's choice" for the winner of the competition this week.  It was a talented but somewhat generic white soul singer named Michael Grimm, with 11 year old opera naif Jackie Evancho in second place.  Third place went to a group called Fighting Gravity which was definitely one of the most unique acts seen on that show, or anywhere on TV for that matter. The most unusual aspect of the group is that they are not performers but college students.

The troupe consists of 13 guys who are all fraternity brothers at Virginia Tech.  They are mainly studying business and engineering.  Apparently, they were inspired by some Japanese performers they saw on the internet.  Regardless, their act is just fun to watch and hard to figure out exactly.  Here's a clip of their first performance on AGT back in June.  Despite losing the competition, they hope to get their show onto the Vegas strip eventually.  I don't think that will be a problem.