May 6, 2010

Another Homophobe Bites The Dust

One of the founders of the extremely homophobic Family Research Council and an infamous "ex-gay" activist, George Rekers is in the midst of a gay scandal. Quel suprise!  He apparently hired a 20 year old guy from to accompany him on a trip. Rekkers claims that he needed the young buck to carry his luggage as he is old and infirm.  This might be a reasonable explanation except for the fact that suddenly, the Family Research Council has wiped his existence from their website and also now says they're not really sure if he was actually one of the founders.  Hmmmm.....

Andy Towle has extensive coverage of yet another homophobe whose holy, sanctimonious curtain is pulled back to reveal a scared and lonely man.  This sort of story has played out a lot in recent years, most famously with the Ted Haggard soap opera.  Amazingly, William Shakespeare got it right a few centuries ago when he wrote, "methinks the lady doth protest waaaay too much." Alright...emphasis and extra a's added :)