March 15, 2009

OMG--It's Brian's Blog

Hi all and a hearty welcome to my little corner of the blog-o-sphere. After years of being told by many of my friends that I know way too much about way too many random things and should probably find a more creative outlet for my interests than their ears, I've decided to do something about it and start up a blog. The name Hi-Fi Bri is childhood nickname that is still popular in some circles. The donuts come from Dunkin' and don't they look delicious!

So-what inspired me to finally take action? As I work on both a new book and my next film, I figured I might have a lot to report about those things as they develop. I used to have an Amazon blog but that was just about book stuff and (I can admit it!) was kinda boring. This blog will be more dynamic, informal and interesting and funny. :) Also, I realized having a blog would be an awesome way to procrastinate! Now, whenever I'm on the internets, I can say I'm just doing "research". Sounds much better that way, right?

So, other than my own stuff, what will I be writing about? Pretty much what it says at the top. Things that interest me, like good indie movies and noisy studio pix, roller coasters and the subway, television and a healthy serving of pop culture, all things New York and, of course, occasional items about donuts. Seriously. And whatever the hell else strikes my fancy. . . because it's my blog and it's freakin' me out! If you can name that film reference, you should subscribe to Hi-Fi Bri immediately. If you can't, you should still subscribe because, well, you've got a lot to learn. :)