July 19, 2010

Burlesque By The Beach

Last Friday, I headed out to Coney Island for some Burlesque By The Beach.  After checking out the new Luna Park and some serious fireworks on the boardwalk, we strolled back through the summer throngs to the Sideshow By The Seashore for an entertaining evening of old school showgirls.  Pictured here is one of World Famous Pontani Sisters in an amazing act they put together called Goldigger.  

The whole thing was hosted by Murray Hill who had the rowdy, wildly mixed crowd eating out of the palm of his/her hand.  All in all it was a highly entertaining 90 minutes with some amazing outfits and impressive dancing, not to mention some bumping and grinding. ;)  This summer, Burlesque By The Beach has a different act every Thursday and Friday with tickets a reasonable $10 and $15 respectively.  And coming up on September 10th is Tigger's Man-A-Tease, an all-male review which I caught last year that is not to be missed.