June 15, 2010

The NY Post Takes On The Velvet Ropes

I used to have an aversion to the NY POST.  More like an allergic reaction, especially during the Bush era with it's jingoistic headlines and far-right angle on all the news.  Lately, I have realized while picking up the stray copy on the subway, that the POST can actually be quite amusing.  Sometimes even intentionally.

Yesterday's POST had an explosive undercover investigation of how strict the velvet ropes were at a bunch of clubs in the Meat Packing district.  The newspaper hired six actors, dressed as stereotypes (i.e. guido, suburban dad, geek)  trying to get into the six clubs.  Who had the most success?  Suburban dad, of course.  I say of course because he is the only one who looks like he could easily afford an $18 martini.