April 7, 2010

Donut of The Weak

As many of you know, I have a weakness for donuts.  And when I am really feeling the craving for warm, sugary, deep fried dough, I head to the Donut Pub.  Despite its name, the Pub does not sell beer or any other alocholic beverages.  But it does have a long bar which stretches the length of the joint, with old fashion spinning stools like you would have found at the Woolworth's lunch counter.  

A trip to the Donut Pub is something of a time warp.  It opened in the 1960s' and, despite a renovation in 2005 that brought it out of the 70's, it still has its old-timey charm.  It's open 24 hours and harbors some real New York characters.  When I first started going there in the early 90's, there was often an interesting mix of club kids and nuns on any given night (there was a convent nearby that has since relocated).  Now, like all of Manhattan, things have blanded out a bit.  But the donuts are still amazing.  

They have all the favorites from my childhood: chocolate w/sprinkles, cinnamon dusted, even crullers and the amazing creme-filled delight.  There are even some industrial sized brownies and muffins too as well as a black and white cookie that gets raves.  You can also have lunch sitting at the bar for under 10 dollars--an amazing feat on the border of Chelsea and the Village. The pub is located at 203 W. 14th Street, just west of Seventh Ave....now and hopefully forever.

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