September 5, 2012


One of my favorite all-time comedies is the indie flick WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER.  It was a little movie from the guys who did THE STATE on MTV which is a loving sendup of summer movies from the 80's, especially those of the camp genre.  It also happens to sport a surprising number of future stars too, including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper (playing it gay!).  I was fortunate enough to have caught this in its limited release in August 2001 and it brightened up what was a dreary dog day of summer. I've seen it a few times since and still find it amusing as there are som many weird little jokes going on that you always seem to catch something new.

While I'd heard the film was popular with a certain movie-mad crowd, I had no idea it had become something of a cult classic.  Paper magazine reports on the film's legendary status in an interesting article about how it morphed from an in-theatres flop to a DVD hit and now a midnight classic. The best thing in the article, though, is the news that there is a sequel of sorts in the works. Will Bradley Cooper and his white Izod join the fun?  I hope so.  And I really hope they can get it together for Summer '13.

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