August 31, 2012

The Google StreetView Cam Sees Some Crazy Things

Google's StreetView camera has tooled around the world, taking photos of millions of miles of byways with it's unblinking eye.  And sometimes, unintentionally that eye captures some extraordinary images. A Canadian artist named Jon Rafman has been scanning Google's street views looking for things and people out of the ordinary and the design website Demilked has compiled some of his best screenshots.

Some of the images are shocking, like this van on fire above, and some are truly beautiful, like this flock of seagulls in flight below. Some are downright disturbing, like a baby crawling on an urban sidewalk by itself in front of a Gucci store.  Rafman is not the only one who has found art in the mundane.  A California based artist Doug Rickard has found interest in the street views of poor and depressed neighborhoods.

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