February 10, 2012

With SPACE: 2099, The Moon Is Officially Hot

There was an item today on the Hollywood Reporter that ITV is rebooting its 70's sci-fi classic SPACE: 1999.  I loved this show!  It had so much to offer; the moon exploding out of orbit, sexy beige jumpsuits, Barbara Bain, and that smokin' theme song which you could dance to if you wanted.  Oh yeah, and Martin Landau too, who was super cool and kinda cute too. This could have the potential to be the next BATTLESTAR GALACTICA if they put together a decent creative team.  We shall seee....it's in the very early stages.

Lately, it seems, the moon is having a pop culture moment. There was last summer's TRANSFORMERS which started on the dark side, where evil robots had buried themselves. Next up, we have this insane movie below called IRON SKY about Nazi's who've been hanging out on the dark side planning their revenge.  (I thought this was a fake trailer but it's a real movie!)  Also, let's not forget the 110-year-old A TRIP TO THE MOON by George Melies is getting new heat due to its central role in Scorsese's HUGO. And, of course, Newt Gingrich can't stop talking about his ludicrous plans to colonize the moon.

It's somewhat ironic that the moon is having a moment at a time when NASA has no manned space program. At all. But the moon, and our fascination with it, has always been there. Apparently, it's now due for some rediscovery, if only in a fictional way.

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