February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston: An Audio Appreciation

The death of Whitney Houston over the weekend was a shock.  In response, Facebook and Twitter were filled with all kinds of tributes; of words, music and music videos from her nearly 30-year career.  I rewatched her virtuoso performance of the National Anthem durring the 1991 Super Bowl a couple of times.  20 years later, it is still stunningly beautiful. I would go so far as to say no singer has topped her take on the "Star Spangled Banner" since then. Her voice is simply astounding, clear as a bell and remarkable not only its range but sheer force.

Another video I saw posted on FB is even more remarkable and it's actually not a video at all. It is simply the vocal track from Whitney's recording of "How Will I Know", one of her first dance hits from 1986. Without the sound of the production tracks, her voice is left to stand on its own and it is amazing; clear, strong and unsullied by any autotune or excessive electronic manipulation.  This audio clip only reinforces the tragic loss of her unique talent.  

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