February 9, 2012

Former Indie Filmmaker Directs "Halftime In America"

The only commercial that seemed to get people's attention during this year's Super Bowl was "Halftime In America", an odd 2-minute ad for Chrysler that sounded like a political spot.  With 5 million plus official views, the spot has struck a chord and been a lightning rod for discussion over the last few days on everything from Clint Eastwood's political affiliation to whether it would help Chrysler sell cars.

IndieWire, like many of us in the film community, wondered who was behind the spot and it turns out the director was an indie filmmaker; David Gordon Green. I was a big fan of some of Green's earlier work, the much praise GEORGE WASHINGTON and ALL THE REAL GIRLS. Then he moved to L.A. and started making studio comedies, like PINEAPPLE EXPRESS which was fun.  But now, with this ad, he has turned back to his moody, realist roots to remarkable effect. 

IndieWire calls it something of a "second-coming" of his indie career. I wouldn't go that far....I mean, it is a car commercial! Green himself had no comment on the situation other than to say he is working on a new film which is more like his earlier work, a small romantic drama called Q. 

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