January 18, 2010

Forest Hills: The Stuff Jewish Dreams Are Made Of

Billy Eichner is one of my favorite downtown, gay male comedians. How's that for specific! Anyway, he has a new YouTube video up that is a hilarious rewrite of the Jay-Z song "Empire State of Mind" all about growing up Jewish in Forest Hills.  With Rachel Dratch guesting as his Alicia and an amazing cameo of Billy as a baby, I guarantee you will get your laugh on.  And you don't have to be Jewish or know what Forest Hills to enjoy it.  But as Gilda Radner once said, "it wouldn't hurt!"

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  1. dude, this is hysterical! "russian ladies shaped like pears"...."all the pear people" had me on the floor. I love Billy. His recent shows at Joe's and Comix were a real blast.


    K. Dean

    Dean Dafis